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Planning package

Is life so busy, that you need a great planner to look after all the details & make the process easy?

This package assists you from the start of your planning through to the end. We first individually build a package based on your venue, the areas & suppliers you need assistance with.

Then from one year prior meet with Emma Kate each month & step by step we get all of your planning & organisation under way! We assist you with sourcing the best suppliers that suit your needs & keep you on track with our calendar & homework guideline.

Behind the scenes we liaise with your suppliers, we build your run sheet, we draw up floor plans & so much more. We literally take care of all of the logistics & organisation, saving you a tonne of time & stress!

To put together this amazing assistance package we arrange a consult meeting so we can provide a personalised quote. If you would like more information or to book a consult please get in touch with us. 


We plan to perfection

Planning sessions

Are you struggling with getting organised, knowing where to start & you have a million questions?

We have created a mini version of our full planning package for those that are looking for partial assistance. It is suited to those who would like to do most of your planning, however you have many questions & you are struggling with organisation.

Meet with Emma Kate who has 12 years of experience, every three months before your day, for two hour sessions. Each session we will assist you with your questions, organisation & provide you with lots of guidance. You can literally ask us any questions, we keep you on track with your organisation & we provide you with useful templates & endless advice.

If you would like more information & pricing please get in touch with us. 

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